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Orientation is a pioneer in 
brand focussed strategic change 

founded by Roy MacMillan in 1997,
after almost 20 years experience in corporate life, with Sainsbury's and Diageo. 

The benefit of a wide practical experience in retail, fmcg and luxury brands, and especially
the experience of five years as Marketing and Strategic Planning Director in Tokyo, during extraordinary times when the economic bubble burst...

...created a desire to focus on using skills gained to help others plan and lead change in their brands and businesses, recognising that understanding and motivating people is the key factor for successful strategy execution.

Orientation focuses on relative positioning and direction, setting objectives and action plans in relation to internal strengths and external circumstances.

Our particular expertise is in sharpening focus, planning and motivating for success.

We take a holistic approach to brand and corporate development and enjoy working with international consumer-facing brands.

Areas of particular interest are
new ventures, new directions, new purpose.

In our working style,
we value

- first principles, individuality and diversity
   each project begins with thorough             understanding and analysis, allowing us
to develop perceptive insights, creative thinking and clear communication

- brand and business potential
   every brand has associations which require nurturing, positive direction, and clear expression to achieve effective positioning in hearts and minds
- alignment of culture and proposition
   intellectual positioning without direction and drive is pointless, and a full commitment to internal ‘brand delivery’ skills and systems is essential

- positive collaboration
   open involvement as part of a wider team with shared goals is far more effective than single workstream proposals

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