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Clients enjoy working with us 
because we add to their team  
•  keen listening
•  outcome focus 
•  motivating engagement

Our style mixes interim management and consultancy with coaching. 

Each assignment is bespoke, often building from one small brief to wider developments.

This is only a selection of assignments, highly skewed to Food & Beverage, there may well be others that are more appropriate to you, your brand and your business - call us, let's talk.

Case Study 1
Discipline: Brand Development 

Sector: Food & Beverage – Whisky


Declining core brand market share in key markets, unable to sustain credible premium brand extension opportunities. 


Understand myth & reality in key markets. 

Refocus core brand with clear proposition, supported with enhanced pack design rolled out worldwide. Work with distributors on consistent positioning & relevant communications in market. 


Top 10 Scotch Whisky brand refocused internationally with renewed brand belief and improved reputation. Design investment and pack rationalisation resulted in significant production cost saving, key market focus resulted in sales, share & profit increase. 

Case Study 2

Discipline: Business Transformation 

Sector: Food & Beverage - Whisky (follow on)


Sales & Profit decline on core brand in wholly-owned distribution subsidiary in Japan meant that redundancies/ closure must be considered.


Market visit identified fast growth of 3rd party agency brand sales - projected to dominate share of profit contribution within 2 years. Plan to encourage take-over by 3rd party brand owner. 


Successful takeover achieved within 12 months - President retired, no redundancies. Core brand still distributed via same salesforce, on agency basis - no fixed overheads. 


Case Study 3

Discipline: Concept and Business Plan

Sector: Food & Beverage - MoD Catering


MoD decision to switch military catering ethos (in station) to Pay as You Dine. Client awarded trial in Germany. No recent business experience in catering. 


Team of consultants pulled together to execute the trial in 2 very different sites - geographic, consumer needs, scale. Worked on sourcing product/ ingredients range, price file, menu planning and costing systems, outlet concepts, outlet P&L and marketing. 


Trials successful. 5 year contract awarded. First site awarded 'gold standard' and cited as example to other contract caterers operating in UK. Retained to work on roll-out over 3 years. 

Case Study 4

Discipline: Business Transformation

Sector: Food & Beverage - MoD Catering (follow on)


Client had won contract to take over catering and roll out 'Pay as You Dine' across 5 different army barracks in Germany. Need to negotiate contract by site and convince Army Catering Staff and military personnel on each site that this was a good thing. 


Hands-on small specialist in-house Project Team (& 1 long term consultant!) responsible for Capex, Skills, Systems & Structure roll-out by garrison. Plan concepts based on understanding local consumer needs - consult with stakeholders, agree sustainable Business Plan, design, develop and execute Catering, Leisure & Retail concepts. Encourage local staff & customer ownership, participation and sales to achieve profit targets. 


All sites completed in line with military schedule. All sites engaged and recognised as significant improvements by the Authority, staff and customers. Weekly & monthly monitoring with Quarterly Reviews to stay on track.